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The Sourdough Bread Recipe

The Best Damn Sourdough Bread

The History

A story can be true or untrue you decide.

The Rogues Sourdough arrived into my possession during the Great Scam/Pandemic of 2020 at a time when I was working on my skills for self-sufficiency and I needed to learn how to make bread without commercial yeast. During the panic of the pandemic yeast became scarce was not to be found easy, when found it was being sold for as much as $75 a tablespoon.

The universe always has a way of providing for you when you’re ready and open for it. I found myself coming in possession of a 160yr old sourdough starter and this is its history as told or could be invented.

The Rogues 49er Sourdough

It had been a hard day in the fields as hand known as The Rogue wandered into a Saloon and overheard a couple folk at the bar discussing Sourdough. The Rogue started up with a tale that had been in his family for generations about

The Rogues Sourdough.

The sun was shining in the gold fields of California in 1849 a lonely soul was making his way to the Sierra Nevada’s looking to strike it rich. He had limited supplies and enough flour to carry him for 6 months or so if he was careful.

It was a time of extremes, extreme weather, fires, floods and snow. The sourdough he was carrying had just come to life after a week of careful care to bring it to life and now it was his lifeline to having a good steady supply of food when the hunting was scarce.

Having learned the trick of the sourdough from a chuck wagon some years back while working a cattle drive in north Texas, he had kept this knowledge in the back of his head until a time of need. That time was now when striking out to find his fortune in the gold filled hills and rivers of the Sierra Nevada’s and The Rogue began his quest not knowing his legacy would live for the next 160 years.

In the weeks and months ahead, life was hard for him and he had little luck finding gold, while game was ok and he always had his sourdough. The discard as it is called was never discarded as it was used daily for a breakfast pancake made all the sweeter when berries were found or the occasional honey bee hive. Sometimes it had nothing more than a bit of salt and some herbs, but it always provided some much needed substance.

After about 5 months into his quest when supplies where getting low he came across a camp of folks who where crossing the Sierra Nevada’s and they had some extra supplies but no way to make bread so he struck a deal with them to share his sourdough starter and in exchange for telling his tale along with sharing the starter they would give him some supplies including another 6 months of flour to carry him further.

This group never saw The Rogue again, but they carried his tale and his starter forward as they were not your gold fever type but a small party looking to settle into the west and they now carried a piece of history with them and if it could talk what would the Sourdough say.

This sourdough was passed through the generations by this group who spread it far and wide to those in need they gave it freely and to those with substance it was traded for goods or gold.

This starter eventually it made its way north to Canada into the hands of an adventurer who passed it to a new Rogue, now bringing to the world.

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The Instructions Below will help you get off to a great start with your own batch of The Rogues Starter.

Re-hydrating Sourdough Starter takes about 72hrs to get fully active.

24gr. Starter

36gr water

Mix de-hydrated starter and water in a mason jar.

Stir every hour or so over the course of about 3 hrs. until is it fully hydrated.


Once fully re-hydrated add the following:

33gr flour

33gr water

Stir well and let sit overnight in warm spot in your house.


Then add another.

33gr flour

33gr water

Let sit overnight use a rubber band or a non-permanent marker to mark level on jar. You should see a little bit of growth. This will be very small and may not look like much but you are reactivating the lactobacilli.


Once growth is established add

50gr flour

50gr water

Mark level and let sit overnight. In the morning you should see about doubling in size at this point your starter is now active enough to move to a larger jar and to start using for making sourdough. For the best recipe see The Rogues Tavern Sourdough Recipe.



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